NOTE: This article is intended for Regulators. If you received an email to participate in a program, click here.

Programs are here! In order to see the new feature and create programs, you will need to enable your permissions.

  • Click on your name in the upper right hand corner and click on 'Organization Info'.
  • Click on 'Users'
  • Find your user and click on 'Edit User'
  • Scroll down to Permissions and set your level to 'Manage'.
  • Click 'Save'

You should now see 'Programs' in the taskbar

Adding a Program

Let's start be clicking on the 'Programs' button in the taskbar. Any active programs will be listed in the table on this page. 

  • To add a program, click on the 'Add New Program' Button.
  • We will now enter the General Information for the Program
  • Program Name
  • Year
  • Close Date
  • Account Naming Convention (optional)
  • Enter your information and click 'Continue'


  • Vintage Start
  • Vintage End
  • Eligibilities
  • Project Location
  • Fuel Types
  • Projects

After you have applied your rules, if any, click 'Continue'. The next page will allow you to add participants to your new program. 

  • Click the dropdown and select the organizations who will participate in your program. NOTE: All selected organizations will receive an invite via email. Participants must accept this invite before they can create associated accounts or do any program retirements.
  • Once you have selected organizations, click 'Save and Send Invites'.

You should now see your Program on the Active Programs list!

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