**Hint** If you are trying to search for a specific project, you can use CTRL + F function to easily locate the project

You are able to change the arrangement of columns, change the columns fields, and download a CSV file (accessible in Microsoft Excel and other programs) of the data tables.

  1. Clicking the "download" arrow (See below for graphic) will download a CSV file to your computer. You can then sort and use the data as you see fit once the file is downloaded. 
  2. Clicking the "Gear" icon will bring up the interface that allows you to change the columns you see in the user interface. 

a. Each screen will have different options to select based on the data shown in the user interface. You can select new fields and remove others from the view by adding a check mark (adds field) or removing the mark (removes field). Once you have the desired fields selected, hit save and then exit by clicking on the X in the upper right corner, it will not exit from that screen automatically. 

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