Invoices are no longer generated from the tracking system.  Invoices are now sent directly from M-RETS' accounting software (QuickBooks).  For the first quarter of 2018, invoices may be sent out later than the usual 1st of each month as we transition into the new system.  We still email invoices. 

2018 Subscription Fee invoices have gone out.  Every current account should have received an invoice.  If you did not receive it, let me know.  I may need to update your billing information for the correct email.

Where can I find the detail for invoices?

You can find the detail in your account.  Your "transaction history" will give you the detail.  You can filter by month and by transaction type to see what you were invoiced for.  We invoice each  month for the prior month's transactions.

If you have a question about invoices or if you need to update your billing contact information, don't hesitate to contact [email protected] or Tanya Gajewska at 651-789-3327.  

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