The new M-RETS has the goal of providing parity functionality to the old system within a short time. We are also excited to continue expanding the functionality of the system to better serve our users. We look forward to hearing your feedback in order to make the system work better for you. Below are few notes out-lining the current status of our initial release on December 13th and rough dates for future feature releases. 

Organizations (formerly Accounts) and Users

The system supports organization accounts that can have many associated user accounts with different permissions. These users and permissions were brought over from the old system and should be equivalent. All users should have received an invite email to the new system.

In the first release of the new system, the functionality to create new users and edit permissions is not accessible yet. This will be available in early January 2018. Please contact the System Administrator if you have an urgent immediate need to update current users or add an additional user.

Accounts (Formerly Subaccounts)

Organizations can have many associated active and retirement accounts (formerly referred to as subaccounts), similar to the old system. These accounts were transferred over from the old system and should contain the exact same RECs as in the old system. Please report any observed data discrepancies to the System Administrator. 

In the first release of the new system, the ability to create accounts is not available yet. This will be added in January 2018. Please contact the System Administrator if you have an urgent immediate need to update an existing account or add an additional account.

Managing RECs

The new system supports both transferring and retiring RECs. 

A user can transfer a REC to another Active Account or another Organization within M-RETS. RECs can also be transferred to another tracking system. Contact the System Administrator to facilitate this. The system supports the functionality to retire RECs to any Retirement Account.

In the initial release, the new system does not yet support Standing Orders or Forward Transfers. There are plans add this functionality sometime during Q1 of 2018. 


Organizations can have many generator projects, which can log generation. All projects and generation was transferred over from the old system. 


As in the old system, generation data can be self-reported or provided by a Qualified Reporting Entity. Self-reported generation can be uploaded via the interface with spreadsheets formatted exactly as the old system. The initial release will have generation uploads temporarily disabled, but this feature should be available within a week of launch.


All reports that were available in the old system, will be available in the new system. A new public report portal will be available in January 2018. In the meantime, contact the System Administrator for updated public reports.

For further help diving into the system visit our full help library. Here you will see articles on Transferring RECs, Retiring RECs, or Uploading Generation. See slides from a recent training we delivered on December 7th for more details on functionality available in the new system. 

You can also message us directly using the integrated messaging system in this platform. Click on the icon in the lower corner of the screen to send a question or comment. We're excited to hear your thoughts on the new system and don't hesitate to send suggestions for how we can make it better in the future.

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