Who can self-report data for an M-RETS Project?

A Reporting Entity is (1) the control area operator, interconnecting utility, scheduling coordinator, or an independent third-party meter reader and is not affiliated with the owner of the generator for which the entity is reporting; (2) the control area operator or interconnecting utility and that is affiliated with the generator owner, but having sufficient segregation of duties such that the person performing the Qualified Reporting Entity duties does not have access to transfer or retire Certificates created for that generator or (3) Self-reported for projects that are under 150 kw

Small generators with a nameplate capacity less than or equal to 150 kW or generators using Distributed Generation Aggregation may opt to be treated as a Self-Reporting Generator. (OP 7.7)


How do I register my M-RETS Project as self-reporting?

This functionality is due to be released in early January of 2018. In the meantime, contact the system administrator for any urgent project needs. Email: [email protected]

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