M-RETS users may transfer active Certificates to:

  1. Another organization
  2. Other active account(s)
  3. To a compatible tracking system

 How Do I Transfer Certificates?

  • Select the batch(es) of Certificates you wish to transfer from the Active tab in the RECs section, then select “Transfer”. For this example, I have selected two vintages totaling 7,200 Certificates.
  • Select where you would like to transfer these Certificates. For this example, I chose "Another Wind Account".


What if I want to transfer a portion of a vintage? Simply click on the button labelled "View or Edit Details".

  • I agreed to transfer 50% of my vintages, so I will divide my vintage totals in half. After doing so, you can see my Total Active RECs has been reduced to 3,600.

  • Review your selections for accuracy, then select “Complete Transfer”.
  • You will then see a confirmation screen with an option to download Transaction History document.

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