The following will guide you through the steps necessary to create an M-RETS account. M-RETS is available to assist you throughout the registration process. Please call 651-900-7891, or email at [email protected].

STEP 1 – Complete the online registration.

Initiate the process by visiting the M-RETS application page and filling out the Registration form

STEP 2 – Review Registry Documents 

STEP 3 – Submit Supporting Registry Documents

Upon completing of the online registration, and signing the online Terms of Use, submit the following documents to: [email protected]

  •  Schedule C-1 Declaration of Agency – Level 1 Access

STEP 4 – Create Account(s) & Additional Logins

All types of account holders must first create an account for their organization. After account approval, additional organization users can be created, and logins added to your account. Typically, for Load Serving Entities (LSE), State Regulators, Qualified Reporting Entities, and Marketers/Brokers these are the only steps in the registration process.

Owners of generating units/facilities, in addition to creating an account, must also register each one of their generators, and must designate a Qualifying Reporting Entity for each their facilities. Please refer to the online help pages for registration details.

Any account registration questions can be directed to the M-RETS Administrator

Contact: Sean Darling, Technical Program Coordinator
Email: [email protected]
: 651-900-7891

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